EHR platforms provided by NOUSCO can support building medical
information systems suitable forto meet international standards adopted by
each country given that it supports American and European standards at the same time.


Integrated Development Environment provides an environment which can develop actual medical information system based on international standards by using an archetype which isbased on medical information structure supported by ISO/CEN 13606 standards.

Application Areas

Industry for building a hospital information
system which applies international EHR standards

  • Concept

  • Character 3

    It has a separate structure available to cover any languages and medical terms….
  • Character 6

    DICOM which is separated from medical information system and operated is completely integrated ....
  • Character 1

    It is the first international standard based medical information platform that supports U.S. standards….
  • Character 4

    Technology (Engineer) and clinical (Medical expert) areas are completely separate. (Two-level Modeling hired)….
  • Character 7

    It is easy to provide more function and maintenance….
  • Character 2

    It has been using a stable and verified international standard that has been studied for more than 20 years….
  • Character 5

    It adopts a separate structure that has no dependency on a certain DB….
  • Character 8

    It can use an authoring tool that can develop various application programs based….

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